Elevating Belt Hopper/Prefeeders

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The basic concept of an Elevating Belt Hopper/Prefeeder is to take a particular product from a bulk state and provide an automatically metered, controlled, feed to a feeder bowl. The hopper provides considerably more capacity than the feeder bowl itself. These hoppers have a lower load height (48" or less), are quieter, ahve larger capacities for larger parts, and can feed more cubic feet of product than most vibratory hoppers. The single elevating belt itself is a cleated RMV or PVC style belt, designed for the parts to be fed, with an SST clipper lace seam for ease of removal.
  • Our Elevating Hopper/Prefeeder range in size form 5 cu. ft. capacity to 25 cu. ft. capacity.
  • Elevating hoppers are offered in both USDA and industrial grade finishes.
  • USDA grade hoppers have all seams welded and ground free of pits and crevices, with a hand polished #4 brush finish, 316L SST, and can be dis-assembled for atoclabing or cleaning. We also offer hoppers of UHMW for ease cleaning and reduced noise and friction.
  • Industrial grade hoppers are generally welded, ground, and polished at least on one side, both sides when the applicastion dictates, and come either in painted steel or 304 SST.
  • M & S Automted Feeding designs and fabracates all of our elevating belt hoppers for the part hankling characteristics required.
  • Optional Urethane coating is offered on our hoppers for abrasion reduction and noise abatement.
  • Hoppers come with a veriable speed control, and a bowl level sensor to accurately and automatically control the level of parts in the feeder bowl, for maximum feeder bowl efficiency.
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