Centrifugal Feeder Bowls (view video)

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The basic concept of a Centrifugal Feeder Bowl is to take a particular product from a bulk state to a single lane of oriented parts as it exists the feeder bowl at the discharge. Generally the parts are confined at the discharge of the feeder bowl so as to maintain this specified orientation for the host machine to carry out its function with this part i.e.: assembly, packaging, inspection, counting, etc.
  • Our Centrifugal Feeder Bowls range in size form 6" in diameter to 54" in diameter, and are offered in both USDA approved design and industrial grade design.
  • USDA grade bowls have all seams welded and ground free of pits and crevices, with a hand polished #4 brush finish on the stainless steel tooling. This tooling and the other hardware is specifically designed for easy removal and washdown of the complete system, including washdown style gearboxes, bearings, and motors. This makes our USDA centrifugal feeders of choice for both the FOOD and the PHARMACEUTICAL industries.
  • The standard centrifugal feeder bowls come wit two variable speed DC motors for easy adjustment of the rim and center disc speeds, as opposed to our competitors single speed ratio systems. This is especially helpful when running more than one style of part in each feeder bowl.
  • Centrifugal feeders are capable of handling a wide range of parts and sizes, at very high rates of feed for many applications.
  • M & S Centrifugal feeder bowl systems are specifically designed for quiet, dependable running for may years of trouble free operation. We use pre-lubed sealed bearings where applicable to reduce or eliminate periodic maintenance scheduling. A specially designed Rim and Center Disc of cast nylon for quiet feeding also reduces or eliminates wear and scuffing of the product being fed.
  • M & S Automated Feeding designs and builds all of our centrifugal feeder bowls, and each one is designed and custom tooled for the part handling characteristics required.
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