Custom Mechanisms
and Machines

1194 Cliff Road
Burnsville, MN 55337




  • M & S automated Feeding Systems is capable of designing and fabricating small turn-key mechanisms and machines for simple assembly, packaging, sorting, etc. for a myriad of parts and applications.
  • M & S also offers top of the line turn-key VISION SYSTEMS for inspection and sorting applications, in conjunction with our feeder bowls.
  • M & S designs and fabricates pick and place mechanisms and metering mechanisms to interface with the customers machine infeed, packaging machines, etc. and we provide the designs of these systems and mechanisms on a CAD layout, for the customer use.
  • We have all of our previous machines on video, and we are able to offer recordings of our non-proprietary machines at your request. If you have an application or question please give us a call!
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